CXL Digital Psychology and Persuasion Minidegree — Week 5 Review

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels
  • Unconscious
  • Automatic
  • Low effort
  • Fast
  • Non-logical
  • Nonverbal
  • Conscious
  • Controlled
  • High effort
  • Slow
  • Logical
  • Language link
  • Precise numbers are most trusted and more believable
  • Tie the social proof to your benefit > Learn how I grew my list to 700,000 subscribers
  • Photos and videos increase truthiness
  • Express social proof in emotional preference language (if possible) — preferred (instead of ordered) and liked (instead of viewed)
  1. Identify your audience’s fears, anxieties, questions, and doubts.
  2. Brainstorm and inventory 6S formats to buffer the audience’s fear/questions.
  3. Use the CRAVENS scorecard to grade and compare social proof persuasive quality.
  1. Credible — believable, authentic, trustworthy, authoritative, “ethos”
  2. Relevant — pertinent, germane, applicable, meaningful., important
  3. Attractive — emotional trigger, value-added, satisfying, “pathos”
  4. Visual — pictured, drawn, mapped, graphed, viewable
  5. Enumerated — quantified, scored, ranked, calculated, “logos”
  6. Nearby — proximate or near the fear/uncertainty/anxiety points, close
  7. Specific — distinct, descriptive, named, detailed, precise




Launch strategist and copywriter for spiritual entrepreneurs on a mission to heal the world.

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Kristina Shands

Kristina Shands

Launch strategist and copywriter for spiritual entrepreneurs on a mission to heal the world.

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