Kristina Shands

Apr 19, 2021

6 min read

CXL Digital Psychology and Persuasion Minidegree — Week 4 Review

Perception is reality.

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

Lesson1: Brain Fundamentals

Let’s talk about disruption, shall we? I work with a lot of spiritual coaches who want to be different, who want to stand out, but they have no interest in being disruptive.

Lesson 2: Control the Attention

Two BIG things to know: Everything needs to be relevant — AND — You only have 50 milliseconds to create that feeling of relevance.

  • Value proposition
  • Implicit codes
  • Emotional relevance = resonance
  1. Is the message understood?
  2. Why? Why not?
  1. Space
  2. People/faces
  3. Movement
  4. Breaking rules
  5. Directional cues
  6. Person’s name/their own face

Lesson 3: Emotional Resonance

Great Customer Experiences are based on the principle of emotional resonance.

Lesson 4: You only have 50 ms

Optimizers talk a lot about factors like trust, usability, or relevance, but most of this is anticipated a long time before a customer really starts using the website.

Lesson 5: Implement Core Principles In Your Process

Disrupt or die!

  1. Success Rate: Amount of successful experiments (%)
    How many experiments deliver a significant uplift?
  2. Cumulated uplift: Business impact ($)
    How much uplift did you create in total?
    How big was the business impact?
  1. Use your personas to challenge and optimize the way you prioritize your hypotheses.
  2. Create emotionally focused landing pages that resonate with your audience (this is priority #1)
  3. Use the principles of human perception to focus attention on the right spot.
  4. Stop optimizing your templates and start working on customer behavior.